Laboratorio anacronistico

photos de Valentina Casalini

Laboratorio Anacronistico

«Laboratorio Anacronistico» is a exhibition of the artists Micol Grazioli and Mahatsanga Le Dantec.

The exhibition is a part of "ArtCycle 2020", a program around humans, art and environment launched by Spazio PierA, a place of exchange and contemporary art in Trento (Italy).

The anachronistic laboratory is a place where time mixes, where we anticipate the present that postpones the future, where absurdities are current. It is a place for those who think that progress regrets the past, for those who want to become farmers, for those who don't have time, for those who wonder if we have got the wrong planet.

Because of the health situation, the exhibition was digitized by the artists, via a virtual platform (fr-it):

The interventions are "La Finestra", "Terra d'uomo" and "Reperto ICCD03 00109557". On a table it's possible to discover the research work of the two artists, through documentations and a conceptual map. The virtual platform inspired them also digital art creations.

During the exhibition the artists invited Canopé, a French artist to make a musical piece "Sovraesistere/Coesistere", and Passepartout Duo with an experimental sound piece.