As part of "Rouvrir le monde" DRAC PACA, hors les murs FRAC PACA, at the CCAS Brusc of Six-Fours-les-Plages, I proposed a collaborative installation project around plastic and the environment.

From July 16 to 31, 2020, the youths of the «Collective Welcome of Minors» and the families of the Adult Center of the CCAS actively participated in the creation of the "Vague", a wave of recycled plastic bottles.

The installation would like to propose a place of reflection around plastic. In a pine forest facing the sea crossed by the wind and the song of the cicadas, the "vague" is visible at the CCAS center for the summer season.

Thanks to all the participants!

To the children of the ACM; Arthur, Lucas, Leona, Lucie, Johan, Maxime, Raphael, Tylan, Ylan, Romane, Tessa, Livio, Ninon, Maina, Clémence, Pauline, Catheline, Aliya, Sami.

To the families ; Séverine, Evan, Maëlle, Mathieu, Maë, Victor, Jardina, Ranya, Romi, Romane.

And thanks again to the whole family of Brusc CCAS.