Horizon is a collective project created in 2016 with visual artists Pauline Laurent and Gaëlle Vaillant. After a period of collaborative creation with the public, the artists present this encounter through an annual exhibition hosted by the Artmedia association. As part of Horizon, I was able to develop several protocols for collaborative creation with young audiences. The works presented are a meeting, between artists and children, it is an exchange which wants to be finally a kind of art. This movement is escapes from definitions, it experiments a contemporary and future art.

Artist Solidification - Disc, Horizon² 2017

To break away from traditional techniques, here are unusual materials and unprecedented experiments by Micòl Grazioli.

Thanks to Inès, Anne-Charlotte, Montaine, Coralyne, Anna, Nine, Lou, Jeanne-Hilde, Karl, Orso, and Zoe.

Elastic Structure - Horizon² 2017 With Orso, Vassili, Nine, Inès, Lou, Coralyne, Jeanne-Hilde, Violette, Swann Elastics, photos - Staircase

The elastic structure is a collaborative work that was designed as a traveling installation adaptable to the space. The children in the group who carried out the project also explored several ways to confront the installation and to move with a relationship between body and structure. During the Horizon2 exhibition, I decided to exhibit the structure and photos of the tests in the staircase of the association's building, to build a connection with the residents and extend the exhibition space. The structure hanging between the floors of the building takes place in the void in the middle of the staircase, and the elastic cuts through the space and vibrates with the passage of visitors and residents. The photos of the children in relation to the structure show us a possible interaction with the installation.

Wall, Horizon 2016.