Snowglobes souvenir, smog/ city particulates - 2018

New York, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, London, Lisbon, Barcelona, Paris, Marseille, Berlin, Switzerland, Milan, Naples, Rome, Trento, Venice, Cairo, Athens, Istanbul, Budapest, Warsaw, Moscow, Delhi, Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong.

The snowglobe is a modern ritual, a kitsch object to collect, a trinket in the windows, that travelers and vacationers show as a trophy among the trophies. Every city, reproduced and protected inside a glass sphere, is traditionally covered by snow, even Cairo. The souvenir "made in China" is uprooted from its history, and given to mass tourism. In this collection the object is presented according to imaginary future or already present, instead of snow fall fine dust. Diesel particulates is collected by scraping with a teaspoon the exhaust pipes of city cars, imagining doing the same with cruise ships and aircraft.

Photography: Samuel Grazioli