École Buissonière

"The Collaborative Spatial Work is a project led by the artist Micol Grazioli as part of the "entrée des artistes" program at Frac Provence Cote d'Azur and the Marie Marvingt College in Tallard.

On March 27th and 28th, 2018, the students of class 4B and their art teacher, Louise Klein, accompanied the artist Micol Grazioli in the creation of an artistic project along the Bourdonnet trail that runs along the St Abdon hill.

The creation is a constellation of paths punctuated by different traces and actions developed in resonance with the territory. It is a work that combines mapping and environmental artistic intervention.

The experience remains open to the public who can follow the path on the flank of the Saint-Abdon hill. It invites a return to the spirit of truancy, inviting visitors to extend their gestures and reflections at each step, by orienting their gaze and actions.

An exhibition of photographs that trace the project, and a work by Micol Grazioli, are visible at the Marie Marvingt College until the end of the school year."



Le parcours

  1. The Magic Arch - A small path leads you into the pine forest on the right, to pass under a green arch made of a bent pine tree. This is how our journey begins in the trail. The Tallard girls - Juliette Lola Adèle
  2. A white spider web in the perfect space of the forest, now it's your turn to create one on the path. Spider art - Evan Lucas
  3. Orientation, looking towards a direction. The artist's markers are along the way, but as we reach a pine grove, these markers lead us elsewhere. Letters are painted on tree trunks, and on the ground next to the path, a base with an arrow indicates where to look to read the words. It is a puzzle of letters that shows us directions to nearby and distant places. It is an site specific compass. Micol Grazioli
  4. What if we dug treasure nests? - A gate, cavities in the earth that hold little treasures at their center, you enter into a magical land. Now it's your turn to dig and leave a secret. Ealdo - Alicia Léa Dorine
  5. Under an imaginary door, a cave contains imprints in clay, painted sticks hanging from trees, balancing stones, the climbers passed through here, it looks like an ancient and future ritual. Now it's your turn to leave a mark with a small pile of stones. The climbers - Louane Cécilia Vania
  6. A path of stones climbs up the hill and leads us to a shelter where a small wooden sculpture lives. Luthare - Killian Evan
  7. Yin and yang, two complementary elements, moss and slate, day and night, man and nature in balance. Tallard Art - Julia Laura Mathilde Eve
  8. A game of circles, between organic and crystal, are drawn on the gray surface of slate with pine cones. A landmark or a message for planes? The Yumato group invites you to continue and extend their shapes. Yumato - Younès Matéo Thomas
  9. The path, a river of green moss, reaches an old oak tree, and it speaks to us: "respect, respect for nature," and facing us is a magnificent landscape. Lottevarie - Marie Charlotte Maeva




"An exhibition of photographs that document the project, and the work "Semina" by Micol Grazioli, are on display at the Marie Marvingt College."