Topografie immaginarie

Participatory drawing

Through the collective creation of a drawing that responds to a specific creation protocol, the artist invites us to dwell on the idea of interdependence and how our choices affect our surroundings. Participants all begin drawing simultaneously on the same medium, starting with a tiny closed shape, and gradually expanding it concentrically like the rings of a tree. The shapes made by each participant are different and begin to approach the others’. The result is a kind of topography that recalls reliefs and geological movements and collects traces of the relationships and encounters between the designers.

Maison du Patrimoine - Carré des arts, Six-Fours 2023

We are the flood, S.A.S.S Spazio Archeologico Sotterraneo del Sas / Muse, Trento 2022

Corpi Geografici, Gas, Trento 2022

Talk and drawing, Civico 13, Trento 2018

Ass. Artmedia, Marseille 2017