Habiter la ruine

Habiter la ruine


"Habiter la ruine"

In April 2019 I started to work on a vacant space where I organized different actions, also with a group of children from the neighborhood. We tried to create a meeting space for locals, try to give sens at this abandoned space, try to find a new genius loci, try to imagine something else. We start to take care of plants and propose a shared garden.

At the same time I tried to talk about the singular history of this place, reconstructing some part of the building present before, and the history of association that work there to welcome emigrants. A little part of the floor is in the middle of the space, only one person can stay on it, small space, small memory, too tight to be shared.

Try to open a reflection. Try to create a connection between people, try to create a sharing space.



Urban exhibition, 180 rue Horace Bertin, Marseille

with Achille, Anna, Alice, Alice, Adan, Ayuun, Axelle, Camille, Charlotte, Côme, Diane, Ethan, Felix, Nino, Noémie, Rose, Suzon, Sacha...