Sharing and geographical dispersal of a work

Action, Work to be shared, 0 euros, three buyers in October 1st, 2016, LECLERE, House of Sale, Marseille

The work in question was called " Apnea to Jinjihu ", to Suzhou, in China, she had been born in reaction to the ban to swim in the lake Jin ji hu, in the impossibility to breathe of the clean air.
She had been born further to a performance; my apnea during the time of solidification of the alginate (seaweed used for the moldings in europe and for the food in china). From an action to an other one, a creation and a decomposition, the work does not die, it is transformed. The work comes broken in 4 pieces to be shared between the buyers and the artist. This action is not ended but continues.
Invoices and contracts are signed. My inscription at the House of the artists (Maison des Artistes) with my first invoice in 0,0 euro, it's done.