Volti nella terra

Céramique, bois, mousse. Sur un surface de 6 mètres carrés
Pineta di Pur, Ledro LLA (TN) Italie 2013

Les visages dans la terre sont l'empreinte en négative de la partie plus réceptive du corps : masques qui plongent, observent, qui écoutent, qui sentent dans la terre, laquelle reste en attente des visiteurs, qui se penchent pour observer, qui se laisse aller à la révérence.

« At first this seems to be a furrow, or perhaps a burrow dug by an animal. As we come nearer it looks more like a passage, a void ready to receive us. Examining the work more closely we discover the negative impression of that most receptive of all parts of our body: a mask sunk into the ground, examining it, listening to it and breathing its scent from within. To make the cast of these faces, Micol Grazioli sinks her own face into in the earth, holding her breath, searching out communication with nature. In seeking this contact, she bends down to the ground in a bow that is a form of respect, the same thing happening every time visitors to the pine grove approach to the faces to observe them more closely. The natural environment enshrining the installation is defined by moss, grown by spreading spores on the ground and on the tree trunks. »
Francesca Piersanti