Tra le linee

Project for Vajont Dam
Special price "dc-acqua dolomia line"
With Mahatsanga Le Dantec
Twocalls 2015, Dolomiti Contemporanee

The Vajont Dam will always be a silent witness, it’s however symbol of a catastrophe, symbol of the insane exploitation of the nature. After all we can propose to accept it, to insert it in the natural space and to make it more than a simple barrier. It can be a space of reflection.

An opening, wich reveals the landscape. This landscape is not behind or in front of the dam, is a new space, created and imagined inside the wall, inside us, below a line that is imaginary too, in place of the water. The wall moves and opens itself to the viewer, it’s a door. The mirror behind the door is symbolically a hole that crosses this untouchable wall. From the top of the dam it’s possible to see a part of the concrete wall coming out from inside the dam. At the beginning of the gangway and also from the path the mirror shows the sky. From the sides around the dam, depending on the position, there are different perspectives of the landscape reflected.